- Haruki Murakami

I believe self care is an act of love, a benediction. My work comes from the heart, an expression of unconditional love. I'm drawn to gold, to everything yellow: sea buckthorn, calendula, turmeric, sunshine, and actual gold. Especially kintsugi, where broken china is repaired with gold to transform a perceived flaw into an example of the beauty of experience. That's so perfect.  Gold embodies resilience and grace. Mythologist Joseph Campbell says that gold symbolizes the vitality of life. 

Heart of Gold is the life path of herbalist/esthetician/massage therapist/intuitive Ally Draizin (that's me). I believe there are no miracle products, but there are magical products. I make each product by hand: infused with vibrational medicine, intuition, loving intention, and nutrient-rich whole plants. I also use the discernment of 22 years as an esthetician to manifest products that feel good, smell good, and work beautifully.


To make real, lasting change in our skin, we need to look closely at our lives as a whole. The real transformation comes from learning to listen to our bodies, and changing our daily habits. Our bodies are like our children. They need our care, and they deserve our loving attention. Being tuned in to, and receptive of, your body's needs will reward you with vibrant health and a greater depth of self confidence. If I could recommend one product to you- I wouldn't. I would recommend a good night's sleep, a 10 minute meditation, and a big glass of water.

My goal isn't to make you beautiful, you are already beautiful. My goal is to bring more love, compassion, and gentleness to your life. My goal isn't to heal your skin, your skin has an infinite capacity to heal itself. My goal is to connect your skin with it's own infinite healing ability. My goal is to bring you a daily dose of plant magic in a format that encourages love, embodiment, and connection.




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Heart of Gold donates to NRDC · WWF · SPLC · ACLU · Native seeds/search · EJI & Campaign Zero on a monthly basis. Civil and environmental rights are important to us.