The energetics of acne: letting go

As someone who grew up with severe acne, I can honestly say it is brutal. It leaves scars, both emotional and physical. It changes the way you interact with others, and your relationship with your skin. It affects self confidence, one's wallet (on the search for that magic bullet cleanser/spot treatment/concealer), and one's stress levels. I don't know an acne sufferer who hasn't developed an adversarial relationship with their skin because of it. Suddenly your skin is your enemy, your attacker, your nemesis.

If you have acne, and you're reading this, that means you've probably already scoured the internet for information and answers. I won't reiterate all the theories and solutions here. My advice is simply to listen to your skin, all the answers are there. Let's assume you've embarked on a skin care regimen, and lifestyle changes to help clear your skin.


Since you've got the skin care regimen & lifestyle changes covered, let's focus on the energetics. Take a deep breath or three, and answer these questions.

Have you developed an adversarial relationship with your skin?

Do you feel betrayed by your skin?

Do you feel desperate to cure your skin?

Do you feel hopeless and apathetic about your skin?

Has your self confidence been impacted by your skin?

Do you want to attack your skin into submission?

Now think about your skin. If none of these questions resonate with you, think about how you feel about your skin. Think about the first time you noticed a blemish, think about when you realized it wasn't just a one-time occurrence. How did you feel? Try to breathe deeply and experience those emotions. It's okay to cry. We are here to let go, that is what crying is for.


Sit in a chair, feet on the floor, spine straight but not rigid. Breathe slowly and evenly. Close your eyes, and visualize growing tree roots from your root chakra. Allow them to unfurl into the ground below you and connect deeply with the earth. Visualize them growing deeper into the earth until they touch the molten core at the center of the planet. Visualize every feeling you've experienced surrounding your struggle with acne as scenes or emotions encapsulated in bubbles. Take your time going through your mental file cabinet and giving loving attention to the process. Imagine it as being like packing up your old, unwanted clothing and getting it ready to take to charity.

Now allow your roots to carry the bubbles down, down, down to the center of the earth. The earth is nourished by this energy, it's a gift you are giving and not a burden. As each bubble touches the molten core of the earth, poof! Each bubble disappears into the fire. Visualize your past, put it in a bubble and send it down... Poof! Visualize your future, put it in a bubble, and send it down... Poof! Visualize any foreign energy surrounding your skin (parents, doctors, partners, friends, etc), put each in a bubble, send it down... Poof!

Visualize glowing green energy coming up from the earth (not the center of the earth, just the generalized earth) coming up through the soles of your feet and suffusing your entire body with glowing, vibrant, life-giving green energy. It fills your body completely and spills from the crown of your head like a flashlight, shining into the sky. Allow the energy to surround your body like a glowing, protective egg. Now visualize deep purple heavenly (sky) energy pouring down into your crown, suffusing your body with majestic purple energy. Visualize it filling your body entirely, mixing with the green earth energy, and spilling out through the bottom of your feet into the earth. Now visualize that purple energy enveloping your body like a glowing, protective energy egg. The green & purple colors swirl together and create a feeling of peaceful calm.

This energy field will continue to work without your conscious thought. Now we're going to allow that protective energy to heal any blocks that are keeping us from clear skin. Just think it, and it's done. Finally, send some loving energy to your skin. Set an intention to always listen to and care for your skin. From now on, your skin is a beloved friend. Take a deep breath, and open your eyes.


Think of ways you can be especially loving & supportive of your skin.

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