my current skincare routine

I use the Baumann skin type quiz in my practice on the regular, and it's super informative. If you haven't read her book, check it out. My skin is Oily, Sensitive, Pigmented, and Wrinkled. This is what my current skin care routine looks like. It might not be ideal for everyone with OSPW skin, but it works beautifully for my skin, which is currently dehydrated from forced air heat, pigmented (melasma), and mostly clear of active breakouts (knock on wood).

Morning Routine:

Astral Traveler Cleansing Fluid- I apply cleanser to damp skin in the shower, massage it in well, focusing on my t-zone and jawline (where I get the most congestion), then rinse off.

Star Keeper Mineral Toner & Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum- I mix 7 drops of serum with several pumps of toner, and apply the cocktail to damp skin straight after the shower, and allow to fully absorb. This is step is so key for my skin, which basically sings when I saturate it this way.

Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar- I massage a tiny drop onto my eye area for extra hydration & calming/de-puffing.

Outer Sanctum Day Serum- I shake the bottle furiously, dispense two pumps, and massage it in thoroughly to fully blend. This is my daily SPF/BB cream. I heart it.

Evening Routine:

Warm compress I use a warm, damp linen washcloth to cleanse & massage my face with a little pressure for some gentle exfoliation. That's my nighttime cleanser, I know! Crazy, I don't use a cleanser at night.

Night Swimming Renewal Toner- I mist this brightening & enzyme exfoliating toner onto a damp cotton round and wipe it on prior to my moisture cocktail.

Resonant Frequency Glow Serum & Ghost Nebula Oilserum- I mix 5 drops of serum with 3 drops of oilserum and massage onto damp skin. I allow this cocktail to soak in till bedtime.

Moon River Balm- I thoroughly massage a lentil-sized amount of balm onto my face & neck right before bed. If there is any excess, I rub it onto the ends of my hair.

Sky Compass Eye Balm- I apply a tiny dab of eye balm to my undereye area and head for bed.

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