healing scar tissue

Recently someone asked me the best way to heal scar tissue. I have some really good tips! First of all, let's remember that the body is an ecosystem, and everything is connected. So let's think about all the factors that could contribute to slow healing & scar tissue formation. 


Excessive stress is straight DANGEROUS to your body, let's be real about it. It's not a thing to glorify, or even tolerate. If you're experiencing high stress levels, do what you need to do in order to find a space of calm. Change your breathing, talk to someone, meditate, be in nature, exercise, etc. Whatever you can do, do it. Also scar tissue is hard to budge, so don't stress about healing it quickly. Cultivate patience and a positive mindset.


When the liver is not functioning like it should, you don't have access to proteins you need in order to heal & rebuild skin. Eating beets, carrots, radishes, artichokes, celery & cucumber regularly will help support your liver.


Do you have a chronic inflammatory condition or allergy? Do you have an autoimmune condition? Even gingivitis, which seems harmless, can raise inflammation levels in the body, and make it hard for your body to send precious resources to the skin for healing. If you're able to take steps to heal inflammation or avoid triggers, awesome. You can also supplement with frankincense, ginger, turmeric, bromelain, or calendula.


Food is medicine. What we need to heal the skin: lots of silicon (good source = nettle leaf, oatstraw, horsetail), proteins (good source = bone broth, hydrolyzed collagen powder, or pea protein if you're vegan), polysaccharides (good sources = aloe, maca root, marshmallow root), and vitamin c (so many good food sources or take a liposomal supplement).

There are probably a few more things I should cover about internal causes, so please comment if you can think of anything that needs adding to the list.

Now let's move on to topical treatments...

Deep Friction Massage

It sounds scary, but it's super easy. Use a thumb or finger on the scar, and press in to a medium/firm pressure, then make slow circles, zig-zags, or x's across and along the length of the scar. The goal is not to see the skin moving, but to be using a deeper pressure to access deeper layers of the skin. The skin will move, of course, but not as much as if you used a lighter pressure. Do a minute to several minutes of deep friction massage, once or twice per day.

Ghost Nebula Oilserum

This is my go-to for scarring. I've used it to heal breakouts with a quickness (and no evidence), and existing scars. It's amazing! Use it topically on the spot at least once per day. Scars are hard to budge, so several times per day is not overkill. I use a drop of Ghost Nebula as the massage medium during my DFM treatments, and leave it on afterwards.


This thing is a godsend. Use it according to the directions, for liability reasons I'm not going to tell you how to do it. Trust me, it's awesome and not as painful as you are imagining. If you're not into an electric gadget, try this roller kit.

Now for internal support:

Anti-Scar Drops

I don't always trust homeopathy, but this brand has NEVER let me down. This is a necessary ally when working towards healing scar tissue. 


This is the regeneration station. You'll need a haircut & nail trim way more often than usual, and the same magic will be healing and firming your skin. It's magic for hair, nails, SKIN, and even creaky joints or broken bones.

Liver Support

Oregon Grape root & Milk Thistle seed are my faves for daily liver support. If you're not into either of those, you could try burdock or dandelion root.

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