hormone support

H O R M O N E. S U P P O R T. . Our hormones are pretty complex, as it’s a triangle constellation of estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. There are also ancillary stars of insulin, cortisol & thyroid hormones (and more, really, it goes deep) that affect the balance. That means balance involves several factors, and it’s going to look a little different for everyone. Couple that with the fact that the human body is constantly changing, and changing in response to those changes, it can feel really intimidating to embark on a hormone healing journey. But there are lots of easy things you can do, and I always recommend experimenting (give something at least 3 weeks before you decide it’s not working). . A few plants... Not every plant is going to be right for everyone. If you have a naturopath or herbalist, please ask them for guidance. S P E A R M I N T. Anti-androgenic

S H A T A V A R I. Hydrating phytoestrogen V I T E X. Promote progesterone F L A X. S E E D. Detox xenoestrogens R E D. C L O V E R. Isoflavones

. LIfestyle... M O V E. Daily. P R O T E I N. Some at every meal. S L E E P. Implement sleep hygiene. S T R E S S. Breathe. Meditate. S U G A R. Avoid, avoid, avoid. F A T. Cod liver (or algae) oil for omega 3. Heart of Gold... W A L K I N G. O N. T H E. M O O N. E L I X I R. Customize your routine by adding a tiny drop of this concentrate to your nighttime moisturizer.

E V E N T I D E. T E A. R E C I P E.

3 tbsp spearmint leaf

3 tbsp shatavari root

3 tbsp fennel seed

3 tbsp raspberry leaf

3 tbsp tulsi leaf

2 tbsp ginger root

2 tbsp licorice root

2 tbsp cardamom seed

2 tbsp ashwagandha root


mix all ingredients and store in a lightproof, tightly sealed container.


1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water. steep covered for 15 minutes, then strain and drink hot or iced.