december love letter

Hey lovey! How are you? Are you as excited as I am for this year to be over? Our new house requires some major structural renovations before we can move in, but I've been busy planting passionflower, sea buckthorn, narcissus, helichrysum, and rosemary. I'm currently hard at work fine-tuning a few new products, and already missing the products that are retiring soon. I hope you have a calm, sweet end of year. Sending boundless love to you. Hang in there. With love,




A botanically dyed silk sleep mask, Sea Change Cleansing Balm, Star Keeper Mineral Toner, Resonant Frequency Glow Serum, Moon River Renewal Balm, and Sky Compass Eye Balm. Our idea of an utterly perfect nighttime routine.


Mizuba ceremonial grade Yorokobi Matcha, Flying Dreams Oilserum, Matcha Monoï Sugar Scrub, Jade Dagger Lip Balm, and Yuzu Shiso Whipped Shea. A full body glow-up.


Little Wing Autumn Oilserum is a salted-almond-toffee scented oilserum infused with bioactive vitamin c, three healing & warming resins, vibrant orange antioxidants, an phytosterol-rich oils. Free of fragrance & essential oils, scented solely with whole resins & unrefined fruit oils. Pairs beautifully with Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar for a bespoke autumn/winter illuminating & calming emulsion.

Fallingwater Winter Balm is a transformative, restorative winter balm. Rich oils & lightweight butters infused with hyaluronidase inhibiting, cell renewing botanicals. Inspired by a natural spring I visited as a child- a place of chirping frogs, emerald moss, and flowing water.

Matcha Monoï Body Scrub is a juicy tropical staycation. Tiare-infused coconut oil, nourishing mango butter, organic cane sugar, matcha, jasmine, grapefruit, ylang ylang, and lemon. Pairs beautifully with Yuzu Shiso Whipped Shea for nourished, silky limbs.

Sweet Clover Body Serum is a silky summer meadow in a bottle. Phytosterol-rich sesame oil infused with capillary-supportive ginkgo, drainage-promoting sweet clover, and lymphatic superstar figwort. Pairs beautifully with dry body brushing for optimal lymphatic flow.

Pandan + Lavender Hydrolat is a clarifying, hydrating, brightening wonder-mist. A lavender-rice-pudding-scented confection to comfort winter-weary skin. Pairs beautifully with Flying Dreams Oilserum for exceptional calming & brightening.


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