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The holidays can be fun, but they're also stressful for most people. We've all collectively agreed to spend (usually stressful) time together, and buy each other (usually unnecessary) things. What if we listened to ourselves and politely declined to do the things that don't light us up? What if we decided to participate, and brought our compassionate & loving boundaries to the party? This video will teach you to tune in to your intuition so you can make choices that will make you happier. No matter how you handle the holidays, know that you are enough. 

G I F T    K I T S

We've been brainstorming ways to make gift kits that are sustainable, delightful, and unique. What we've come up with is utterly magical. The furoshiki-style linen wrapping doubles as a reusable face cloth (or tea towel), the hand-dyed silk ribbon is glorious, to say nothing of the eco-friendly (custom printed) tissue paper.

R E C I C I P E : B R O W   S E R U M This is a slightly simplified version of the beloved Rhythm Restore Brow Serum, which we recently discontinued. It's admittedly a bit of hassle to make (castor oil is thick like molasses, which makes it difficult to strain) but worth it for such an effective brow booster. Important note- the main active ingredient in this serum is castor oil. The quality of castor oil can really vary, and the lower grades are NOT therapeutic (and possibly harmful). Be sure to aim for an organic, cold pressed castor oil from a reputable source. You can usually find Heritage Store brand at most grocery or health food stores. My original recipe included a little bit of chia seed oil & pumpkin seed oil, as well as a tiny bit of vitamin e which is healing and will help preserve the oil. You can add those if you'd like, but the castor oil itself is the main magician! INGREDIENTS

1/2 cup good quality cold pressed castor oil

1 tablespoon total of any combination of the following dried herbs: red clover, gingko, nettle, rosemary, sage, basil (I use red clover & ginkgo)

optional: 3 drops of frankincense essential oil & 1 drop of patchouli essential oil


grind your chosen dried herbs in your coffee grinder.pour the castor oil & powdered herbs into a clean, dry jar.close the cap tightly, and shake well.shake well daily for a span of 2-4 weeks.strain the oil through a coffee filter (this will take awhile, to make it easier you can heat the jar of oil in a warm water bath prior to straining).add the essential oils (if you're using).decant the strained oil into a small dropper bottle.if you have extra, store it in the refrigerator, or make a bottle for a friend.

H O L I D A Y   W I S H   L I S T This gua sha tool (P.S. Sandra has the best tutorial videos) Will someone please bake me this Japanese-style icebox cheesecake? This ceramic zen city that I want to live in

This ceramic pyramid lamp that I also want to live in. Sigil's all-natural fragrance Prima Materia which smells like white sage/vetiver/neroli blossom. Another mind-blowing, life-altering tarot reading by Britton of Archaic Honey. An intuitive flower essence blend made by flower goddess Saskia. Plant-dyed silk sheets by dyer goddess Lucia. A gallon of this kava elixir to get us through the holidaze.

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