february newsletter

Are the flowers beginning to bloom near you? I've been taking time to stop and savor the daphne. Daphne is the harbinger of spring in Portland, and the citrusy/floral scent is like olfactory fireworks. I can actually feel the electric buzz of the trees as the sap flows upwards and outwards, and the new leaves start to unfurl. I spent a lovely day last weekend gathering resin-rich cottonwood buds which I'm currently infusing in a blend of EFA-rich, high linoleic oils for a dance party of spring-themed goodies. Cottonwood is one of my all time favorite spring medicine plants. The scent is beyond- like a musky, ambery vanilla buttercream. Cottonwood is brimful of natural salicylates, which calm inflammation and speed cell turnover.


I'm still working to revamp Walking on the Moon Elixir, my hormonal acne wunderkind. It may be out of stock for a little bit as I experiment with a few variables. Sectional Sofa Comfort Balm is officially gone, and I'm working on a new balm formula. It's inspired by Greece (honestly shouldn't everything be?). NY concord grape, oregon hazelnut & california olive oils are slow-infused with olive leaf, orange peel, and a few other goodies. It has a glorious silky texture, and a subtle neroli/marzipan scent. I think it will be perfect for clarifying, healing, and balancing. It has the absolute best texture for gua sha massage. S E A S O N A L    T H I N G S      Pastoralia Seasonal Sequence is a 30-day glow boosting, balancing, brightening, calming, healing, and hydrating protocol. A canvas of calming rosewater, painted with fresh wildcrafted nettle & cottonwood, and a full skin-boosting sequence of nutrient rich gemmotherapy (tree bud) extracts. Meant to be used every morning and evening for 30 days, this magical potion will have your skin blooming just in time for spring. I am ridiculously excited about this one, you guys. Spiral Spring Cottonwood Cream is a nourishing cloud of calming & clarifying cottonwood buds, kokum butter, and linoleic-rich oils. No essential oils necessary, this powerhouse healing & calming cream smells ecstatically yummy. Texturally it's light and rich, like an airy sponge cake. Perfect nighttime nourishment for all skin types.

FIR TIP OXYMEL If you live in an area with Grand or Douglas fir trees, they probably have bright yellow-green new growth at the tips of the branches this time of year. These fresh tips are chock full of vitamin C, which is great for the skin (builds collagen, speeds healing, boosts immunity). Make sure you are identifying your trees correctly and they are safe/edible (youtube is a great resource for this). Gather fresh fir tips from a safe spot and get ready to make some yummy conifer medicine. INGREDIENTS

1 cup fresh grand or douglas fir tips

2 cups raw wildflower honey

1 cup apple cider vinegar

optional- citrus peel or any spices you think might be nice- I vote cardamom & lime peel- to taste


wash your fir tips well and allow them to dry on a paper towel

chop the fir tips roughly, mind your fingers

put the fir tips in a clean & dry lidded glass jar in a separate container mix the honey and vinegar together

pour the honey & vinegar mixture over the fir tips

make sure the lid is on tight, and shake well

shake every day for a span of 1-2 weeks (taste it after a week and see if it seems ready)

strain well through a fine cloth (a clean dish towel is good)

decant into a pretty bottle, and use a few teaspoons in hot water or iced sparkling water as a skin & immune-boosting tonic.

F E B R U A R Y    F A V O R I T E S

This new hot/cold/knobby massage tool from Lanshin makes me want to offer facials again.

These pants are so good I bought a second pair.

I'm a hard-to-impress microcurrent connoisseur, but this gadget really knocked my socks off. 

I recently stumbled across the BEST olive oil in the world

Who needs a new tarot deck? Not me! But I couldn't resist this one.

These kava kava lollipops are so fun.

This lavender & copal incense is such a good way to clear negativity.

This is a really really good all-around sunscreen.

I've basically broken up with my sonicare because this toothbrush is legit amazing.

I know I'm a bit late to the Lord Jones party, but these CBD gumdrops are so tasty!