january newsletter

We did it! We survived the holidays and made it to a new year/new decade! 2020 sounds so futuristic. Doesn't it seem like there should be flying cars by now? How is the new year treating you so far? There's a lot of heavy stuff going on in the world. I hope you're taking good care of your precious self. Sending love and wishing you a sweet new year. xoxo.


I'm upgrading Northern Lights Oilserum, my bioactive clarifying oil. Say goodbye to safflower, and hello to shiso. Shiso seed oil is super silky, absorbs quickly, and helps to gently resolve clogged pores. I'm also adding healing plantain and scar-revising hyssop to the botanical team. Northern Lights is a fantastic day or night moisturizer to recalibrate skin that gets a bit fussy around the holidays from all the sugar (and wine and stress). Harvest Moon Oilserum is so warm and winter-ific, I think it really belongs in the seasonal offerings category. So it's time to retire Harvest Moon for now. She'll be back again in the fall as a seasonal offering. Grab a bottle of this warming, energizing, retinol-analog wonder-oil before it sells out for the season.

Sectional Sofa Comfort Balm is absolutely stunning, I agree. But it doesn't sell very well. Is the name too silly? Whatever the cause, It's time to discontinue Sectional Sofa. If you already love it, or you need a silky night moisturizer with a brightening/clarifying/stress modulating focus, you should grab a jar before it's gone for good. I've connected with a local beekeeper who sells gorgeous beeswax at a really reasonable rate. That means I'm able to offer Bonbon Lip Treatment at a lower price going forward! Bonbon is now $25 instead of $27.

J A N U A R Y   F A V O R I T E S

This top is as comfy as it is gorgeous, and it looks great with jeans or linen slacks.

Still crushing on Persephenie after all these years (I've been a fangirl for at least a decade). Datura perfume is my jam.

I'm trying to make as many yummy soups as possible before spring hits.

This one is amazing, and shrooms are so good for you.

This brown rice sushi bowl is kinda perfect.

This lip & cheek stain is like a sunny day in a tube.

Speaking of lip & cheek magic, Salwa of Bergamot Beauty turned me on to this lip & cheek balm which is never leaving my purse.

I found the most amazing Portland-based healer. You should definitely go see her.

I finally found a really good shampoo.