July Love Letter

Hey lovey, How are you, dear? I'm spending plenty of time sitting under trees, soaking up that grounding earth energy. I'm also reading Me and White Supremacy. I highly recommend it! It's the first book on my anti-racist reading list, and I'm excited to dive in to White Fragility next. I've been "weeding" my mental landscape daily, noticing and questioning my ingrained biases. It's a beautiful, humbling practice. My husband and I had our fifth wedding anniversary recently, and we camped out at the same glorious spot where we were married. It was amazing. The photo below is from our getaway. Thinking of you all and sending boundless love. xo- Ally

NEW PRODUCT ALERT Meteorite Firming Nectar is a gorgeous golden firming, line-softening emulsion brimful of energizing coQ10 & rosehip seed oil, collagen-building copper & gotu kola, and brightening baikal skullcap. Meteorite is a multitasker- use two pumps as a lightweight daily moisturizer, one pump as a firming & brightening serum, or mix two pumps with two drops of Ghost Nebula for a nonpareil age support emulsion. Scented with an addictively delicious composition of comforting cardamom, protective frankincense & otherworldly orange blossom.

LIMITED EDITION MAGIC Sweet Clover Body Serum is a dreamy slow infusion of honey-hay-scented sweet clover, capillary strengthening ginkgo, and lymph decongesting figwort in silky, phytosterol-rich virgin sesame oil. Sweet Clover is fantastic for invigorating tired & puffy bodies (does anyone else's feet swell when it's hot?), and comforting stressed nervous systems. I should have called this body serum "Festival Season" because it smells like a warm summer meadow (a.k.a. heaven).  Lone Prairie Hair Oil is my self care Sunday ritual of choice. I use the dropper to apply the hair oil directly to my scalp in several forehead-to-nape lines, then massage it in with brisk circles, wrap my hair in a silk scarf, and leave it on overnight. With all this indoor time lately, it feels like aromatherapy for the soul to wake up to an aura of summer-rain-scented chaparral. Lone Prairie pairs beautifully with Sagebrush + Pinyon Hydrolat misted liberally as a crown chakra clearing, energetic detox mist. We are sending samples of both products with every order this week.  SEASON OF THE MIST Blue Chamomile + Rose Hydrolat for healing & calming inflammation. Spearmint + Raspberry Leaf Hydrolat for cooling & balancing t-zones. Lemon Balm + Rose Hydrolat for hydrating & glow factor. Sagebrush + Pinyon Hydrolat as a grounding & clearing mist.

MOM'S WHITE BEAN HUMMUS My mom's recipe for white bean hummus is delicious and super easy to make. Beans have a ton of soluble fiber which helps our livers work better, which helps our skin work better, which makes everything better. 


  • 1 can (or 1.5 cups) cooked navy or cannellini beans

  • 4 cloves roasted garlic

  • 1 teaspoon tahini (roasted)

  • pinch of crushed coriander, fennel, and nigella seeds

  • optional- squeeze of lemon, minced parsley, salt & pepper, glug of EVOO.

METHOD mix everything in a food processor, or mash with a potato masher for a rustic texture.