June Love Letter

Hey lovey,

Are you hanging in there? There is so much going on in the world right now, hearts are heavy and with good reason. It's heartbreaking to see black people casually murdered by those who should protect them. It's heartbreaking to see police attack peaceful protestors, and politicians condemn the necessary public outcry.

The death of George Floyd was a wake up call for so many people, myself included. Yes, I'm late. Now that I'm paying attention, I won't allow this to be a short-lived show of solidarity. I've have been complacent in my privilege. I will learn how to do better. As a start, Heart of Gold now donates monthly to the ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Campaign Zero. Thinking of you all and sending boundless love.

xo- Ally


Lone Prairie Hair Oil is my new favorite night routine. Featherlight abyssinian oil and shine-amplifying jojoba are slow infused with calming & brightening chamomile, healing lavender, scalp-detoxifying quassia, gloss-boosting yerba santa, and antioxidant powerhouse desert chaparral. A few drops coaxes dismal and abused locks into a healthy, lustrous mane. 

Paradox Whipped Body Balm is a perfect mystery of sagebrush, cottonwood & rose. The scent is otherworldly and enigmatic, yet familiar and comforting. Whipped mango & cupuaçu butters deliver a delightfully un-greasy, incredibly nourishing skin feel.

Blue Chamomile + Rose Hydrolat last year I accidentally added a gallon of rosewater when distilling blue chamomile flowers, and it resulted in the most miraculous electric-blue healing elixir ever, with an earthy-floral scent and a burn-healing superpower (my poor face can attest). I made extra this year!

Sagebrush + Pinyon Hydrolat is a resinous, warm, space & face clearing mist made with antimicrobial sagebrush and protective, healing pinyon pine resin. It holds the imprint of a vast blue sky, sunshine, and desert. 

Spearmint + Raspberry Leaf Hydrolat is a balancing & brightening mist made with cooling, hormone balancing spearmint, and brightening, antioxidant-rich raspberry leaf. I have fallen HARD for this one. I love the scent and the minty tingle. This may be my favorite hydrolat ever.

Lemon Balm + Rose Hydrolat is an uplifting hydrating mist with roses & citrus-scented lemon balm from my mama's backyard. Lemon balm is energetically uplifting, and helps our skin stay hydrated and glowing (hyaluronidase inhibitor). Rose is soothing and firming, and she's energetically aligned with the heart, helping us release stuck emotions.


Gather round and watch as the glorious Sophia Roe teaches us how to make the best polenta (the secret is stirring constantly) with herb-spiked sautéed mushrooms.