March Newsletter


Feedback is coming in on the experimental updated version of Walking on the Moon Elixir, the hormonal breakout magician. Y'all are loving it! Yippee! Yes, it's less minty and has a means-business scent, because it does mean business and it works like nobody's. 

Southern Oracle Adaptive Balm is launching soon! Adaptive meaning it always delivers the right amount of moisture. Oregon hazelnut, NY concord grape, and squalane infused with olive leaf, orange peel, yarrow, artichoke, and thyme. It has a glorious silky texture, and a subtle neroli scent. 

Pool of Light Gommage & Mask is also launching soon! It's a dual-purpose hydrating mask & gentle exfoliant with matcha, manuka honey, pomegranate enzyme, and colloidal silver. It smells amazing and works beautifully.


Pastoralia Seasonal Sequence is a 30-day glow boosting, balancing, calming, healing, and hydrating protocol. Pastoralia is an energetic reset for your skin, and I think it has actual magical powers.

Spiral Spring Cottonwood Cream is a nourishing cloud of clarifying & calming cottonwood buds, kokum butter, and linoleic-rich oils. Texturally, it's light and rich, like an airy sponge cake. Perfect nighttime nourishment for all skin types.

ELDERBERRY CONCORD GRAPE JELL-O Elderberry is amazing. It's so tasty, how can it be such potent antiviral medicine? I think it's Elderberry fairy magic. This recipe teams elderberry syrup with unsweetened antioxidant-rich concord grape & anti-inflammatory tart cherry, and this magical stuff called Honey-Up which is a herb-infused honey by Zizia & Wildcare. Vegans, you can use agar agar instead of gelatin, but the recipe still calls for honey. I'll leave it up to you what you want to replace the honey with. INGREDIENTS


  1. Measure the Tart Cherry juice, 1/2 cup Concord Grape Juice, Elderberry Syrup, and Honey Up and stir together into a medium-sized bowl.

  2. Pour the Gelatin over this mixture and allow to hydrate for a few minutes.

  3. Heat 1 cup of Concord Grape Juice to a simmer in a saucepan.

  4. Pour the hot CG juice over the gelatin/juice/honey/syrup mixture, and whisk until fully combined. Taste this mixture and add a bit of Raw Honey to taste if it's too tart.

  5. Pour into individual mugs or small bowls and refrigerate for a several hours until it's a jell-o texture.

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