november newsletter

Is November being good to you? What's happening in your world? My 41st birthday was last month, and we went to a fire lookout tower for a few gorgeous, star-filled nights. It was so restful and soul-stirring. Bonbon Lip Treatment really saved my lips after a few nights of bone-dry wood stove heat. I fell in love with grand fir (which smells like pomelo, yum!) while we were hiking (I should say wandering, herbalists generally wander around and chat with plants).


Goodbye, Rhythm Restore Brow Serum. It's been wonderful, but it's time to make room for other wonderful new things. I have a few bottles left, so shoot me an email to claim a last hurrah bottle. I'm working to revamp Walking on the Moon Elixir, my hormonal acne wunderkind. If it turns out as well as I'm hoping, I'll be able to skip (or drastically reduce) the essential oils, which will make it pregnancy safe!!!! Wish me luck! I updated Star Keeper Mineral Toner and it's FANTASTIC! In place of neroli hydrolat, I'm using an organic cucumber hydrolat. Cucumber is naturally high in minerals, calming, cooling, and smells uh-may-zing. It's utter magic, and it's much less tingly than it used to be, so if you've loved Star Keeper but not the tingle factor you should definitely snag a bottle. S E A S O N A L    T H I N G S  Tulsi, Echinacea & Primrose Hydrolat is stress modulating, hormone balancing, hydrating, scar repairing, and brightening. Totally gorgeous and addictive. Osmanthus, Rockrose & Cleavers Hydrolat is a firming, brightening & lymph supportive mist. Smells like honeyed apricot, with a topnote of shimmering green. Fallingwater Winter Balm is wintertime sorcery for dry skin, as well as reactive, sensitive skin. If your skin is dry & winter-averse, this is for you. A Bear Dreams in Winter Oil is a truly dreamy body oil. Anchoring damiana leaf, calming lavender, soul-sweetening chamomile, stress-sloughing tulsi, and hypnotically relaxing wild lettuce come together to bring you back to the present moment, the beautiful vessel of your body, the sweetness of life. Liminal Spaces Autumn Oilserum is almost gone! Bioactive vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 & bakuchiol brighten & repair sun damage, calm inflammation, and remodel scar tissue. Smells like candied tangerine, honeyed helichrysum, and cacao.

S L O W   R O A S T E D  T O M A T O E S

These are delicious, simple, and so sophisticated that they can fancy up any dish with their intense, sweet-tart umami flavor. I recommend tossing them into soups, smooshing them into mashed potatoes, mixing them into scrambled eggs, folding them into an omelette, or just eating them solo. Adapted from Skye Gyngell's A Year in My Kitchen. INGREDIENTS

6-7 ripe plum tomatoes, halved lengthwise1 tbsp sugar1/4 ounce sea salt1/4 ounce freshly ground black pepper PROCESS

preheat the oven to the tomatoes, cut side up, in a single layer on a large baking a small bowl, mix together the sugar, salt & pepper.sprinkle the mixture onto the cut surface of the tomatoes.roast for 3-4 hours, until the tomatoes shrivel up- their pointy ends will curl up a bit.These store for 1-2 weeks in the fridge, and I like to make a double batch because they are addictive.

N O V E M B E R    F A V O R I T E S I've got this album on repeat. Are you signed up for Garden Party? It's the best. This vintage/consignment shop in Portland is a total goldmine. This vintage shop on etsy is my go-to for gifts. These apple cider caramels are beyond amazing. This tea is the best thing ever. I'm a huge fan of this artist and this one. This bag and this bag are high on my wish list. I'll be wearing these boots all winter long. The hairbrush that'll make you actually want to brush your hair. Is it cold enough to wear these fingerless alpaca gloves yet? Sweata weatha.