October love letter

Hey lovey,

My husband and I recently bought a 1940s ranch house with a half acre of gorgeous land. Our new yard is filled with lilac, honeysuckle, grape, cherry, apple, dahlia, blackberry, and raspberry. Come spring I'll be growing medicinal plants for my products. I am excited beyond words for HG to be truly seed to bottle.

This is not an easy month, astrologically. Keep that in mind, and be gentle with yourself. Sending boundless love and infinite gratitude to you, dear.

xo- Ally


Little Wing Autumn Oilserum bioactive illuminating oil infused with healing resins and brimming with rosehip & vitamin c to brighten & firm.

Fallingwater Winter Balm transformative, restorative winter balm infused with healing plantain & ultra-hydrating lemon balm & echineacea. overwintering skin magic.

Matcha Monoï Sugar Scrub a skin-softening staycation with mango butter, tiare-infused coconut, ylang ylang, jasmine, grapefruit & matcha.

Sweet Clover Body Serum a silky, body-nourishing summer meadow in a bottle. phystosterol-rich sesame oil infused with lymph-supportive figwort, capillary-strengthening ginkgo, and flow-restoring sweet clover.

Lavender + Hemp Hydrolat a calming, grounding, anti-inflammatory wonder-mist.


Super small batch limited-edition plant magic just for you, my newsletter community!

These remedies are all for internal use, not for the skin.

Wonderland Tincture

Borage brings a buoyant lightness of spirit, and courage in the face of trials. Passionflower interrupts circular thinking and anxiety, and helps clear other people's energy from our field. Silk tree shifts depression and negativity into a mindset of joy and effervescent enthusiasm.

Keywords- enthusiasm, joy, calm, energetic clearing

Rose Petal Elixir

Rose is the queen of boundaries, creating safe space for our gentle hearts to stand in softness and ease. Rose bolsters confident communication so we can voice our difficult truths, and strengthens energetic boundaries- defending against other people's agendas, expectations, and emotions. 

Keywords- boundaries, softness, protection, communication

Motherwort Tincture

Motherwort (leonorus cardiaca) helps clear feelings of overwhelm and frustration, paving the path to cheerful equanimity. Motherwort offers enveloping arms of loving compassion in times of intense transition & grief. 

Keywords- overwhelm, frustration, transition, grief, tension, stress

Wood Betony Tincture

Beautiful stachys officinalis is my personal go-to ally for stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and that twitchy-I-had-too-much-coffee feeling. I always keep a bottle handy, and just a few drops gives me an instant sense of calm, without feeling sedated. Wood Betony is like a deep breath in a bottle. 

Keywords- calm, slow deep breath

Milky Oats Tincture

Fresh, organically grown milky oats are the most nutrient-dense, jangled-nerve-healing, adrenal supportive, long-term-stress remedy. Don't we all need that in 2020? It's a great thing to offset chronic stress, as well as the corresponding insomnia and systemic inflammation.

Keywords- adrenal/stress support nutrients