october newsletter

How is October treating you? I've been making a ton of bean soups (yay soup weather!), gathering wild chanterelles, making a pair of Swedish shoes, and doing an easy DIY face mask every few days (scroll down for the recipe). I just got two David Austin rose bushes (Desdemona & Alnwick) and I can't wait to watch them grow and thrive. I'm still (I know, I know!) unpacking and tackling my to-do list in the new workspace.  I'm hoping to have a little space for in-person consults & purchases up and running shortly. What have you been up to?

S E A S O N A L     T H I N G S Liminal Spaces Autumn Oilseurm is a nighttime oilserum geared towards post-summer repair & renewal. Brightening and revitalizing babchi oil, cooling and scar repairing andiroba & pracaxi oils, featherlight olive squalane, and fresh-pressed hazelnut oil infused with healing helichrysum & gumweed blossoms. Tulsi, Echinacea & Primrose Hydrolat is a vaguely spiced-cocoa scented codistillation of stress-modulating, hormone balancing, rejuvenating vana tulsi, with ultra-hydrating, scar-repairing echinacea purpurea flower (echinacea is a hyaluronidase inhibitor), and calming, hormone supportive evening primrose. A lovely mist geared towards dehydrated, stressed, or hormonally imbalanced skin. Coming to the website next week! Fallingwater Winter Balm is back in a 30ml size. Fallingwater was inspired by a tiny spring in eastern Oregon that stole my heart as a child. It's a granite cliff covered in electric green moss and algae, with a trickle of incredibly delicious, freezing cold water, and a chorus of tiny frogs happily chirping away. When I think of soul-quenching moisture, that treasured spring always comes to mind. Scented with a hypnotically addictive juicy-green blend of magnolia leaf, violet leaf, galbanum, and clary sage. Fallingwater works wonders on winter-dry skin, as well as reactive, sensitive, cranky skin. Harvest Moon Oilserum's warming ginger & frankincense vibe is definitely apropos as the weather cools. Harvest Moon is infused with a gratuitous amount of actual frankincense resin, which is intensely calming and works like retinol to stimulate cell turnover. A blend of chia, prickly pear, and marula oils make it an age-supportive powerhouse with a silky, gorgeous texture. F E N U G R E E K    H Y D R A T I N G    M A S K

This DIY mask is almost laughably simple, but it is really really lovely. It'll leave your skin velvety soft, hydrated, and calm. Feel free to add a tiny pinch of a spice like turmeric, ginger, cardamom, clove, or nutmeg (not cinnamon or paprika, unless you are a masochist).


fenugreek seed powder (you can put whole fenugreek seeds in the coffee grinder to make powder) water, tea, or hydrolat


place a teaspoon of fenugreek powder into a small bowl.add cold water until you have a medium-to-thin paste.put it on your face. fingers work best for this slightly messy endeavor.leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.

O C T O B E R   F A V O R I T E S The matcha that made me un-hate matcha. The watercolor palette that makes me want to paint like a fiend. The song I've had stuck in my head for two weeks. The earrings that made me un-hate earrings. The coat I want to live in right now. The movie that I compare all other movies to. The dry brush I'm using daily. The book I'm probably the last one to read, and it's amazing. The coziest alpaca hat that is keeping my noggin warm.