September love letter

Hey lovey,

Like all small businesses right now, Heart of Gold is struggling. Every time I see an order come in, I am flooded with relief and intense gratitude. Just want you to know that you are keeping us afloat, you're the reason I can pay the bills. I hope your HG goodies are filling you with hope, comfort, and wonder. Here's to making it through this year! Sending boundless love to you.

xo- Ally


Sweet Clover Body Serum a silky, body-nourishing summer meadow in a bottle.

Lone Prairie Hair Oil a detoxifying, shine-amplifying hair & scalp treatment.

Blue Chamomile + Rose Hydrolat a healing, cooling, burn healing wonder-mist.

Lavender + Hemp Hydrolat a calming, grounding, anti inflammatory wonder-mist.

Ondine Decollete Breast Oil a blue-green sea of lymphatic flow for breast & heart.

Pool of Light Gommage + Mask there are still TWO bottles waiting for their forever home! Grab your last hurrah bottle at 50% off! These are the last two bottles EVER!


Little Wing Autumn Oilserum is in the works. A luscious, silky blend of marzipan-scented plum, refining rosehip, firming hibiscus, nourishing cranberry, calming kukui, and antioxidant buriti bring balanced, calm hydration. Infused with three unique, precious skin-healing resins- Dragon's blood, Opopanax, and a stunning Siam Benzoin. Boosted with ultra calming Sea Buckthorn, and 5% bioactive vitamin C to brighten, heal, and firm. The perfect counterbalance to summer, and an ideal transition into cooler, drier weather. Free of essential oils, this absolute stunner smells like salted almond toffee & licorice tea and makes my skin sing.

The coveted Fallingwater Winter Balm will be returning soon to soothe, comfort, and replenish. A fairy tale woven of rich, replenishing oils & butters. Perfect for overwintering your skin, this intuitively-inspired emerald green balm is pure magic. Magnolia, violet, clary sage, and galbanum bring back the glow when winter makes us dry & pasty. Fallingwater is an incredibly soothing & calming treatment for reactive skin. Transformative, restorative nourishment.

I made some Matcha Monoï Sugar Scrub as a gift for my friends at Mizuba Matcha (I use their unparalleled shade-grown matcha in Flying Dreams Oilserum & Yuzu Shiso Whipped Shea) and everyone who has tried the scrub agrees that it's amazing and we should sell it. I've been developed the absolute perfect blend of mango butter, tiare-infused virgin coconut oil, heaps of vibrant green skin-calming matcha, and a little bit of emulsifier so it rinses off just the right amount (not completely, it leaves skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft). It smells like utter heaven- a voluptuous tropical paradise of Tahitian tiare, grapefruit, coconut, ylang ylang, and jasmine sambac. This would pair so well with Surrealist Nutrient Infusion Mask for a luxe Self Care Sunday ritual.

Secret Menu Limited Edition Remedies

Super small batch plant magic just for you, my newsletter community!

These special remedies are all for internal use, not for the skin.

When these are gone, they are gone forever!

Wood Betony Tincture

Beautiful stachys officinalis is my personal go-to ally for stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and that twitchy-I-had-too-much-coffee feeling. I always keep a bottle handy, and just a few drops gives me an instant sense of calm, without feeling sedated. Wood Betony is like a deep breath in a bottle. 

Keywords- calm, slow deep breath

Milky Oats Tincture

Fresh, organically grown milky oats is the most nutrient-dense, jangled-nerve-healing, adrenal supportive, long-term-stress remedy. Don't we all need that in 2020? It's a great thing to offset chronic stress, as well as the corresponding insomina and systemic inflammation.

Keywords- adrenal/stress support nutrients

Agrimony + Rose Tincture

This is a vibrational remedy, meaning you only need 1-3 drops to receive the benefits. Agrimony is a defender of truth, justice, and right action. Agrimonia eupatoria works on the throat chakra, opening lines of honest, open-hearted communication. Rosa centifolia keeps us centered in our heart, bringing compassion and gratitude to any situation, as well as helping us define and defend our boundaries. Rose keeps us safe so we can stay soft.

Keywords- justice, communication, truth, boundaries, compassion

Lion's Ear Flower Essence

These gorgeous orange fuzzy-flowers are basically lube for stuck emotions/creativity/self expression. Lion's Ear brings playfulness, relaxation, and softness-as-protection vibes. If you're feeling stuck or stressed, this is a game changer. 

Keywords- relaxation, creativity, playfulness, softness

Pink Rosebud Flower Essence

Pink rosebuds bring a sense of hope, a vision of endless possibilities, and flexibility in times of change. Pink rosebuds offer the gift of lighting-fast reprogramming of harmful patterns, limiting stories, and trauma. 

Keywords- flexibility, reprogramming, possibilities, hope

White Rose Flower Essence

White rose helps us step into our sovereignty, connecting us to our innate royalty, so we can be of service from a place of inner grace. White rose helps us release grief, anger, and resentment. If you struggle with healthy boundaries, self confidence, or you feel exhausted from tending to the needs of others, this remedy is for you.

Keywords- sovereignty, grace, boundaries, confidence