Blue Chamomile + Rose Hydrolat // Limited Edition

Personality- Nu Bleu

Elements- water & sky

Purpose- rose and blue chamomile healing mist


A serendipitous marriage of calming, firming rose and healing, barrier-supportive blue chamomile. Replete with electric-blue chamazulene, this mist is fully alive and vibrating with healing energy. Rose supports aging skin and creates energetic space for processing and releasing stuck emotions. Chamomile brings inflammation-taming chamazulene, alpha bisabolol, and flavonoids apigenin, luteolin, and quercetin. Energetically, chamomile is a ray of sunshine, dissolving frustration and irritability. A perfect choice for redness, irritation, sunburn, and chronic inflammatory issues.

Blue Chamomile + Rose Hydrolat // Limited Edition

    • mist generously onto clean skin after cleansing
    • mix a few pumps with any oilserum for extra calming & healing
    • mist generously throughout the day for extra calming & healing
    • mist generously over night balm to amplify healing