Bonbon Lip Treatment
  • Personality- Marie Antoinette

    Elements- earth & sky

    Purpose- lasting moisture for dry lips


    A sophisticated lip treatment with a complex almond-floral scent. Created as an homage to my favorite childhood treat- fragrant violet candies clattering like marbles in a beautiful flower-illustrated tin. Made with ultra-nourishing shea butter, protective avocado & meadowfoam oils, dreamily honey-scented beeswax, and a bit of balance-restoring castor oil. Paris in a jar.


    ++ Almond/Tree Nut Allergy Alert ++

    Bonbon Lip Treatment

      • apply a small amount with a lip brush as often as desired.
      • a tiny dab works beautifully to nourish any dry areas of the body.
      • discontinue use if irritation occurs.