Fallingwater Winter Balm // LE
  • Personality- The Homeless Wanderer

    Elements- water & earth

    Purpose- deep moisture for dry winter skin


    A fairy tale woven of rich, replenishing oils & butters. Perfect for overwintering your skin, this intuitively-inspired emerald green balm is pure magic. Magnolia, violet, clary sage, and galbanum bring back the glow when winter makes us dry & pasty. Fallingwater is an incredibly soothing & calming treatment for reactive, inflamed skin. Transformative, restorative nourishment. Fallingwater Winter Balm is a small-batch limited edition (LE) treasure, only a handful of jars are available.

    Fallingwater Winter Balm // LE

      • apply a small lentil sized dab every evening to freshly cleansed skin
      • for instant absorption, apply to damp skin, then follow with a hydrolat or star keeper mineral toner & massage in thoroughly

      • you may apply to face, neck, chest & undereye area

      • you may apply a serum or oilserum prior to Fallingwater Winter Balm


      PRO TIPS

      • Balms are fantastic as a nourishing & decongesting cleanser. Apply a dime-sized amount to dry skin, massage in thoroughly, and remove with a warm cloth.
      • Balms are wonderful for facial massage. Pair Fallingwater with your favorite massage tool (or your hands, which are inherently exceptional massage tools).
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