Little Wing Autumn Oilserum // LE
  • Personality- Babette's Feast

    Elements- earth & fire

    Purpose- bioactive nutrient illuminating oil

    In the liminal space between summer’s blaze and winter’s bone lies an ocean of stillness, measured in endless nights lit by candlelight. Vibrant orange rosehip, buriti, and sea buckthorn oils bring antioxidant carotenes and rare omega-7. Plum, cranberry, and hibiscus impart firming & healing phytosterols and vitamin e, a mesmerizing marzipan scent, and a gorgeous silky texture. Calming, scar-healing kukui oil is slow-infused with a trio of deeply healing, warming resins. 


    Ruby-hued Dragon’s Blood resin supports speedy cell renewal. Siam Benzoin imparts a dreamy candied-almond scent as it repairs dry, chapped skin. Opopanax resin brings a salty oceanic note, and a supernatural glow to dull, stressed skin. A substantial dose of bioactive Vitamin C works to firm, illuminate, and calm. Little Wing is a salted-almond-toffee-scented blessing for sunworn, dehydrated, and stressed skin. Free of essential oils. Little Wing Autumn Oilserum is a small-batch limited edition (LE) treasure, only a handful of bottles are available.


    30ml dropper bottle

    Little Wing Autumn Oilserum // LE

    • morning application:

      • mix 1-3 drops with 7 pumps of hydrolat or 2 pumps of nectar (or a few drops of water)
      • apply to face, neck & chest

      • follow with outer sanctum day serum


      evening application:

      • mix 3-5 drops with 7 pumps of hydrolat or 2 pumps of nectar (or a few drops of water)
      • apply to face, neck & chest

      • if you’re using oilserum as a moisturizer, yay

      • if you’re using oilserum with a balm, apply oilserum first, then balm