Moon River Renewal Balm
  • Personality- Joanna Newsom

    Elements- earth & fire

    Purpose- illuminating cell renewal balm


    A sacred rite of moonlit luminosity, crafted to liberate stagnation (emotional, cellular,  and lymphatic). Slow-infused with stress-softening tulsi, hydrating shatavari root, firming gotu kola, renewing rose petal, and sublime whole frankincense resin (retinol analog) to rev up cell turnover, target inflammation, energize, firm, illuminate. Nourishing cupuaçu, shea & sal butters seal in moisture without clogging pores. Wax-free.

    50ml miron glass jar


    Keys- energize, illuminate, restructure, lift, refine



    ++Summer Heat Alert ++

    Moon River will melt in transit during the summer months. To minimize melting, we are currently shipping Moon River in a heat-protective pouch. Remove Moon River from the pouch when it arrives, and place the jar in the freezer for a few hours before opening.

    Moon River Renewal Balm

      • apply a small lentil sized dab every morning or evening to freshly cleansed skin

      • for instant absorption, apply to damp skin, then follow with a hydrolat or star keeper mineral toner & massage in thoroughly

      • you may apply to face, neck, chest & undereye area

      • you may apply a serum or oilserum prior to Moon River Renewal Balm


      PRO TIPS

      • Balms are fantastic as a nourishing & decongesting cleanser. Apply a dime-sized amount to dry skin, massage in thoroughly, and remove with a warm cloth.
      • Balms are wonderful for facial massage. Pair Moon River with your favorite massage tool (or your hands, which are inherently exceptional massage tools).



      Sometimes when balms are heated & cooled, they develop a gritty texture. That's totally normal, as HG balms don't contain wax. If that happens, place your balm jar (minus the jar lid, which is not heat safe) on a cookie sheet and place it in the oven. Heat the oven on the lowest setting (at or below 200f) for 5-15 minutes or until fully liquid (no longer than 20 minutes). Carefully remove the cookie sheet (with the balm on it) from the oven (use oven mitts!). Allow the balm to cool on the cookie sheet at room temperature. Make sure to place the cookie sheet on a level spot like a countertop or table so it doesn't spill. Once the balm jar is cool enough to touch comfortably but the balm is still liquid, place the balm jar (minus cookie sheet) in the freezer and place the jar lid on the jar loosely. Allow the balm to harden overnight in the freezer. Then it should be good to go!

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