Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum

Personality- Elle Woods

Elements- earth & water

Purpose- bioactive vitamin C serum


Oxford Comma is a ruby-hued, multilayered powerhouse of energizing & healing magic. I called on several bioactive plant-ioxidants including aronia berries (anthocyanins & vitamin c), schisandra berries (schisandrins), grape seed (OPCs & tartaric acid), japanese knotweed (resveratrol), and hibiscus (flower acids & anthocyanins). Scented with a hint of rose geranium and a tendril of smoky mescal. A perfect daily whole-plant vitamin c serum for all skin types.


Keys- antioxidant, energize, heal, vitamin c

Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum

    • Mix 3-5 drops of Oxford Comma with a few pumps of toner or hydrolat, then massage onto damp skin after cleansing & toning in the morning. Follow with nectar, oilserum, or balm.
    • Oxford Comma is a wonderful protective antioxidant ally, and is best used in your morning routine to help neutralize oxidative cell damage throughout the day.
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