Personality- Chelsea Morning

Elements- earth & fire

Purpose- sagebrush & pinyon resin clearing and healing mist


A deeply purifying mist for skin and spirit. Antimicrobial, energetically clearing sagebrush vibrates with ancient strength, and smells as fresh as high desert rain. Nurturing pinyon pine resin mends minor skin irritations, and brings a warm, summery conifer note. A delightful toning mist for combination-to-oily skin, prone to breakouts or random inflammatory issues. Doubles as a fantastic energetic space clearing mist.

50ml miron glass mist


note: this is a potent hydrolat rich with naturally occurring essential oil. the scent is powerful. most appropriate for breakout prone, oily skin.

Sagebrush + Pinyon Hydrolat // Limited Edition

    • mist generously onto clean skin after cleansing
    • mix a few pumps with any oilserum for extra clarifying & healing
    • mist generously throughout the day for extra clarifying & healing
    • mist generously over night balm to amplify clearing properties
    • mist all around stuffy/creepy spaces, or onto your hair after dealing with people who drain your energy.
  • distillate waters of ethically wildcrafted artemisia tridentata (sagebrush) and pinus edulis (pinyon) pine resin