Pandan + Lavender Hydrolat// LE

Personality- Irises

Elements- earth & fire

Purpose- pandan and lavender illuminating & hydrating mist


A true living water, imbued with the energetic imprint of pandan and lavender. Pandan leaf brings antioxidant flavonoids to help clear breakouts, support skin healing, and brighten. Lavender speeds healing and calms inflammation.


Energetically, pandan and lavender bring softness, comfort, and ease in times of stress. The rice-pudding scent of pandan leaf pairs beautifully with sparkling, spicy scent of spike lavender. This mist is fully alive and vibrating with healing energy.


Keys- brighten, heal, calm, comfort


This is a limited edition treasure, only a handful of bottles available.

Pandan + Lavender Hydrolat// LE

    • mist generously onto clean skin after cleansing
    • mix a few pumps with any oilserum for extra calming & healing
    • mist generously throughout the day for extra calming & healing
    • mist generously over night balm to amplify healing