Resonant Frequency Glow Serum

Personality- Maria Callas

Elements- sky & earth

Purpose- ultra brightening, glow restoring retinol analog serum


An unmistakably effective brightening, energizing, and firming serum. Words can't adequately express the exquisite nature of this potent vibrational alchemy. Frankincense resin (retinol analog), n-acetyl glucosamine, and niacinamide harmonize to stimulate cell renewal, visibly brighten uneven skin tone, calm inflammation, build collagen, and amplify skin's innate glow. When I connect intuitively, I see castle spires shrouded in mist, and faerie lights dancing among ancient cedars. 


Keys- brighten, energize, renew, firm, glow, retinol analog


++ not vegan or appropriate for those with a shellfish allergy. n-acetyl glucosamine is shellfish-derived ++

Resonant Frequency Glow Serum

    • Apply 3-5 drops to clean, very damp skin after cleansing and toning, before oilserum or balm.
    • Mix with a few drops of toner, hydrolat, or water for instant absorption.
    • Follow with nectar, oilserum, or balm.
    • May be used in the morning or evening, or both if you're aiming for a speedy transfromation.
    • Pro tip: mixes beautifully with oilserums for a bespoke emulsion

    ++ niacinamide warning++

    due to the high niacinamide content, resonant frequency should not be layered with leave-on acid pH products, especially l-ascorbic, glycolic, lactic, malic, and mandelic. if it is layered with an acid pH product, the niacinamide can convert to nicotinic acid which causes a harmless but annoying rosy flush which takes around an hour to subside.

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