Personality- Sarah Bernhardt

Elements- sky & water

Purpose- spearmint & raspberry leaf brightening antioxidant mist


A refreshing, calming, and brightening mist made with hormone-supportive spearmint and inflammation-taming raspberry leaf. Spearmint brings a swoon-worthy verdancy, cooling tingle, and a natural ability to inhibit DHT (read: jawline breakouts & clogged pores). Raspberry leaf is a calming & brightening astringent skin soother with plenty of antioxidant firming prowess. A lovely toning mist for all skin types. 

50ml miron glass mist


Spearmint + Raspberry Leaf Hydrolat // Limited Edition

    • mist generously onto clean skin after cleansing
    • mix a few pumps with any oilserum for extra balancing & brightening
    • mist generously throughout the day for extra balancing & brightening
    • mist generously over night balm to lock in moisture
  • distillate waters of organic mentha spicata (spearmint) and rubus idaeus (raspberry) leaf