Star Keeper Mineral Toner

Personality- Nepenthe

Elements- water & sky

Purpose- firming mineral repair mist


A shimmering constellation of liquid starlight. Cucumber and aloe act as a calming, hydrating matrix for a host of firming & restructuring minerals. Silica and copper help build firm, resilient skin. Silver and gold boost skin immunity and calm chronic inflammation (ideal for breakout prone or inflamed skin). Fireweed calms inflammation and encourages collagen synthesis.


Star Keeper is actually a firming & repairing serum in mist format, brimful of skin-transforming minerals. Upon application it feels a bit sticky (like stepping out of a mineral hot springs), then it dries down to a powdery finish. Star Keeper works beautifully for aging, stressed, hormonally imbalanced, breakout prone, or chronically inflamed skin.


Keys- restructure, calm, firm, repair

Star Keeper Mineral Toner

    • Spray directly onto clean, damp skin prior to applying serum & moisturizer.
    • Mix several pumps with your moisturizer of choice (oilserum, balm, or nectar) for extra firming & restructuring.
    • Star Keeper is the best thing for keeping microcurrent gel from drying out- it magnifies the firming & lifting properties of the microcurrent and contains plenty of minerals to support the electrical conductivity.
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