Surrealist Nutrient Infusion Mask
  • Personality- Remedios Varo

    Elements- earth & sky

    Purpose- superfood tropical skin smoothie


    A tipsy trip through an island dreamscape. This powder-to-gel mask is an oasis of tropical fruits and volcanic ash. Banana and tapioca boost skin hydration, while actively calming irritation. Passionfruit ups the glow factor by promoting blood flow & delivering powerful antioxidants. Pineapple enzymes & hibiscus flower acids provide gentle exfoliation. Nutmeg is a classic skin brightener with clarifying superpowers. Locally-sourced volcanic ash oxygenates & calms irritated skin. Infinitely mix-able, Surrealist blends well with honey, coconut milk, hydrosol, tea, or (our favorite) plain water. 


    Keys- exfoliate, clarify, oxygenate, hydrate

    Surrealist Nutrient Infusion Mask

      • Mix 1/2 teaspoon Surrealist with 1.5 teaspoons cold or room temp water and stir stir stir. You're aiming for an easily spreadable, fluffy smoothie texture. Surrealist isn't meant to be a thick, clay-like texture.
      • Paint on with a brush or fingertips, avoiding eye area. 
      • Rinse off after 5-15 minutes. Follow with moisturizer of choice.
      • Surrealist may be used as often as 2-3 times per week.
      • If Surrealist is too tingly, remove it right away! It isn't meant to be scorchingly spicy. A little tingle is fine, but if you're feeling iffy about it, rinse it off sooner than later.
      • If you're mixing Surrealist with something besides water (e.g. honey, coconut milk, yogurt, etc) aim for a spreadable pudding-like texture. You'll probably need a little less Surrealist than you think. Start with 1 part surrealist, 3 parts mixing medium. 
      • If Surrealist is acting chunky, remember it's made with actual fruit powders. It may take a minute to fully rehydrate. Stir very thoroughly, and give it time to reach it's full gel potential.