Sweet Clover Body Serum // LE

Personality- Zoë Kravitz

Elements- fire & earth

Purpose- energizing capillary & lymph support tonic


Sweet Clover Body Serum is a dreamy slow infusion of honeyed-hay-scented sweet clover, capillary strengthening & circulation boosting ginkgo, and lymph decongesting figwort in silky, phytosterol-rich virgin sesame oil. Sweet clover brings flowing energy to tired & puffy bodies, and comforts stressed nervous systems. The buzzing honeybee lullabye scent of a sun-warmed summer meadow arises solely from whole sweet clover blossoms, free of essential oils.  Sweet Clover Body Serum is a small-batch  limited edition (LE) treasure, only a handful of bottles are available. 


Keys- strengthen, detox, energize, nourish

Sweet Clover Body Serum // LE

    • apply a few pumps to clean, damp skin post-shower and massage with flowing upward strokes to activate the lymphatic system.
    • especially lovely for arms and legs, which can tend to feel heavy & puffy in hot weather.
    • sweet clover is an exceptional daily ally for breast health. apply two pumps, and massage with attentive, slow circles to breast and underarm area.