Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar

Personality- Queen of Cups

Elements- sky & water

Purpose- calming & hydrating moisture milk


A weightless rose & aloe moisture milk that bestows calm equanimity and a dewy, hydrated glow. Blackcurrant, juneberry, and wild rosebud extracts calm redness, support fragile capillaries, encourage lymphatic flow, and target inflammation. Meadowfoam oil offers a cloudlike veil of protective nourishment, with it's unique skin-akin molecular structure. Lush, sustained hydration courtesy of aloe vera and birch sugar. Energizing d-ribose revives cell metabolism & collagen synthesis.


Sweetbriar is a fantastic hydrating and calming multitasker:

  • Use 3 pumps as a lightweight daytime moisturizer
  • Use 7 pumps as a hydrating & calming mask
  • Use 1 pump as a hydrating serum
  • Use a small drop as an undereye serum
  • Mix 2 pumps with 1-3 drops of oilserum to create a bespoke emulsion


Keys- hydrate, soothe, nourish, repair

Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar

    • as a solo moisturizer: mix 2-3 pumps of hydrating nectar with 7 pumps of hydrolat or a few drops of water. apply to clean skin after serum (if you're using it), and prior to SPF (if you're using it).


    • as a bespoke emulsion: mix 2 pumps of Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar with 2-3 drops of your chosen Oilserum and massage onto clean skin. follow with SPF in the morning (if you're using it).


    • as a hydrating serum: mix 1 pump of hydrating nectar with 7 pumps of hydrolat or a few drops of water. apply to clean skin prior to oilserum, cream or balm.

    • as a hydrating & calming mask: apply 7-10 pumps to clean skin. leave on for 10 minutes, or up to 8 hours, then rinse off with cool water or remove with a cool washcloth. follow with your regular routine. Sweetbriar as a mask is so good as a post-sun cooling treatment, or to keep skin hydrated during air travel.


    • as an undereye serum: tap a tiny drop onto the undereye area after cleansing & toning. 
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