Walking on the Moon Elixir

BIG NEWS // Walking on the Moon Elixir is officially retiring from our permanent collection. If you love Walking on the Moon, now is a good time to stock up!


Personality- Midge Maisel

Elements- water & earth

Purpose- support for hormonal breakouts & clogged pores


A clearing, healing, and balancing concentrate geared towards congested, breakout prone skin. A silky blend of DHT-inhibiting pumpkin seed & GLA-rich black currant oils, slow-infused with hormone supportive spearmint, red clover & vitex, brightening fenugreek, and stress modulating tulsi. Supercharged with clarifying cabreuva & copaiba, healing yarrow & chamomile, and brightening cajeput. An actual superhero in roll-on form.


Keys- clarify, heal, balance, support


++ Not suitable during pregnancy & breastfeeding ++

Walking on the Moon Elixir

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
    • apply directly to the jawline area, t-zone, or areas of congestion
    • follow with moisturizer of choice
    • avoid eye area
    • use in the evening only
    • avoid sun exposure directly after applying

    Walking on the Moon contains 4% essential oils, use responsibly!

    We recommend patch testing by applying a drop below an earlobe, or on the inner wrist. Leave on overnight, and rinse off in the morning. Give your skin a full 24 hours after the patch test before using on your face. Use responsibly, as it's very very concentrated.

    A little is great, more is not better.

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