holiday survival tips

November 22, 2017



Holiday First-Aid Kit

  • Rescue Remedy for when someone brings up politics

  • Kava Kava for when you're anxious about a party

  • Digestive Bitters before you eat a big meal

  • Headspace App

  • This alarm/lamp thingy for staying sane when it's dark outside

  • Theanine Serene for when you can't sleep

  • These coconut fat balls to crush sugar cravings

My recipe for toasted millet breakfast porridge:


3/4 cup millet

2 + 1/2 cup water

1 tbsp coconut oil or grass-fed butter

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4-1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4-1/2 tsp ground cardamom

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg


1/4 cup dried currants or raisins


Toast millet in a large pot on med/high for a few minutes, stirring constantly until they smell nice & toasty, but not burn-y. Add water & bring to a boil. Reduce heat, add coconut oil (or butter) & spices. Cover & simmer on low for 15 minutes. Turn off heat, stir a bit, add dried currants or raisins if you want. Allow to sit covered for 10 minutes before serving.


top with any of the following: 

pumpkin, sesame, hemp, or ground flax seeds

toasted & chopped nuts (hazelnuts would be lovely)

shredded coconut

fresh fruit

raw honey or maple syrup

unsalted grass-fed butter

heavy cream

crystallized ginger

orange zest

cacao nibs

Super easy hair & scalp oil treatment


3-4 tbsp Sugar Magnolia Cleansing Fluid or Coconut Melt Cleansing Balm


Massage cleansing fluid or balm onto scalp, working from the hairline back, and massage in thoroughly with fingertips. Use a wide comb to distribute oil onto hair if you want. Using a towel you're not a huge fan of, wrap your hair up turban-style and allow the warm oil to saturate your hair & scalp for 15 minutes to a few hours. This is a good time to do a foot bath and/or a face mask, drink some tea, or just check emails. To remove the oil, apply a good bit of shampoo to your hair & scalp before you get into the shower, massage it in, then hop in the shower and rinse. You might need another round of shampoo once your hair is rinsed. 


New things in the shop!

  • handmade undyed linen face cloths

  • practical magic cleansing potion

  • kava kava lip balm

  • cardamom lip balm



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